Find Your Social Media Sweet Spot

When it comes to social media, do you think about...

How do I attract more followers?

How do I get potential clients to see my work?

How do I market myself when I don't like to talk about myself?

When do I post?

What do I post?

No one is looking at my feed, so why should I keep going?

I'm just overwhelmed.


I know how you feel!

Social media can be frustrating and it does test our patience when we consistently don't see the result that we have worked so hard for.

After teaching hundreds of people about social media in the last few years, the struggles that most people share with me are the same. That's because we all have been trying too hard to follow what works for others and not consider what works for us.

Here's the truth, I don't have all the answers either, but I am curious and I enjoy taking the time to test out different methods. And it's ok if that's not something you find enjoyable because I've done the "boring" work for you and what I want to share in this workshop is simple - to help you find your social media sweet spot. In between all the things we learned from experts, in between deciding to share more work stuff or personal stuff, in between posting at this hour or how many posts a day, in between being real or having a persona... Within all of that there's a place for you where it is your sweet spot. You need to know how to create a formula that works for *you* and this is what I want this workshop to do for you.

I’ll be sharing how to find your voice, figure out your target audience, content creation, and even time management. By the end of the workshop you’ll have a good base to work with to create your formula.

That's it!

Is this just what you need? SOLD OUT

*Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the livestream, I’ll record the video and will email the link to you to watch later.



- $25.00

- September 28th, 2018

- 8am to 10am PDT

- Live stream via Zoom

- Limited spots

Some of the Topics:

- Content creation

- Gain the right followers

- Storytelling

- Gain confidence

- and more





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