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Bonnie Tsang Studio


It's been close to a decade since I became a photographer. In the beginning, I would attend many local workshops and networking events, and second shoot for seasoned photographers. Everyone was talking about the importance of hustling and meeting people, which seems to be more so nowadays. Being an introvert, that workaholic lifestyle eventually burnt me out and I had to take a huge step back to find my own way.

Are you an introvert too?

For the past 6 years, I took my energy back, set boundaries and found ways to market my brand without needing to do things I'm not comfortable with (talking in front of the camera, anyone?). I’m a mom, a creative, an entrepreneur, an introvert - I don’t hustle, I don’t go to networking events, I believe in making an impact and creating my art in a quiet way (preferably inside a bubble). Sound familiar?

Ready for a bigger bubble?

First of all, let's be proud that you're an introvert. Doesn't matter what others say, there's nothing wrong with being shy, wanting to stay home on a Friday evening and needing quiet space to read and think. But being an introvert doesn't mean you need to stay small, you can grow and be successful too! You just need to create a bigger bubble to have room to stretch your creativity and this group will help you do that.

I'll teach you how to find (quiet) creative ways to brand yourself and market your work, how to be there for clients without feeling drained out, how to make time for your family, your business AND yourself, how to have a strong network of industry friends without needing to go to public places and be social, and many other tips and advice that'll help you feel comfortable to thrive.



The group discusses everything about being a creative entrepreneur, business/personal development, social media marketing, raise your value, vulnerability, and other relevant topics that will help you build a successful business.

It's a safe space where you can share knowledge, ask questions and receive support. You'll connect with like minded creatives that are ready to take action and grow.

Details of the group:

- 4 LIVE ZOOM (1-2 hours long) coaching sessions each month

- Access to exclusive video archive

- An annual growth mindset workbook

- First look of educational materials that are being developed

- Behind-the-scenes of how I run my business

- Latest tips on social media and apps

The Investment:

- $80 monthly subscription

- $880 yearly subscription




Watch the replay of the very first coaching session and feel what it's like to be part of the group.




  • Choose Monthly or Yearly plan
  • You'll receive a welcome email with a link to join the private group
  • Join the group and introduce yourself to everyone
  • You'll automatically be billed every month or annually


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